Alone in the dark… no one can hear you scream! All your fears, all your nightmares… can come to life. You’ve heard the rumors about Scare Valley, now find out if they’re true… We're back this year with all new fear, all new entities, all new madness… 

Starting October 1st at Scare Valley and every weekend through Halloween, expect a terrifying time as you navigate Lucian Morton's mansion! Come with your friends… but plan on leaving alone! FEAR IS BACK, Bakersfield. Will you be able to overcome and escape the ghosts of the mansion unscathed?   Can you avoid the mysterious dark energy that has seeped into Morton's home?  Will you survive the hidden evil that lurks deep in the family mine?

Scare Valley is a brutal new scare experience! Scare Valley is located behind the Kern County Museum on Chester Ave.   Look us up on Facebook


Due to the graphic nature of the scenes, we do not recommend this experience for children 12 and under.