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Due to the graphic nature of the scenes, we do not recommend this experience for children 12 and under.



In the heart of he foreboding bayou of Louisiana, there resided a family with a dark secret - the LeBlancs.  They were known for owning a once-thriving fishing business that lured unsuspecting hikers and locals into their treacherous territory.

Whispers of the missing echoed through the bayou, with chilling rumors that the unfortunate souls ended up as fish bait in the LeBlancs' gruesome chum shop.

Deep within the shadows of the swamp, an oracle named Madam Saraphine conducted dark ceremonies with the help of her entities from the other side.  Her rituals brought her visions of the evil deeds the LeBlancs were conducting on their run down property.  Seeing the family taking the souls that were hers, she started gathering the ingredients to curse the family to never set foot outside of the marshlands they call home.

As the moon rose high in the darkened sky, Madam Saraphine prepared herself for the confrontation that lay ahead.  She adorned her worn robes and lit candles that flickered with an ethereal glow.  With each step she took, her presence radiated a sense of ancient wisdom and mysterious unthinkable power.

Under the moon's eerie light, the LeBlancs prepared for another night of malevolent deeds, unaware of the force that now opposed them.   Their twisted smiles revealed their anticipation of new victims to add to their ghastly chum shop collection.

Can you escape the clutches of the LeBlancs and their house of nightmarish traps?  Can you convince the oracle to make a deal without losing your soul?  Hopefully you can navigate the chilling twists and turns of Blackwater Bayou, defying the LeBlanc family's malevolent legacy and triumphing over the spirits that haunt this cursed abode.

In the heart of the town, where laughter once echoed, there stood an old amusement park know as "Scare Valley."  Among its many attractions, the "Wicked Dark" funhouse maze was a hidden gem that beckoned adventurous souls.  The maze was originally a neon-lit funhouse, renowned for its vibrant colors and dazzling UV glow.  It was operated by a troupe of talented carnies who entertained guests with their enchanting performances and mischievous antics.

Years passed, and the circus lay abandoned, a place where only shadows danced.  Until one night, a group of thrill-seekers stumbled upon the ruins of the maze, drawn by tales of the haunting history.  They entered the maze, and as they did, the neon lights sparked to life, revealing a magical path lined with playful carnie characters.

At the maze's entrance they found an old elevator - a relic from the original circus.  The elevator now served to transport visitors into a realm of chilling laughter and haunting visions.  The maze's corridors wound and twisted, leading the friends deeper into the unknown.  The maze was not populated with carnies, their neon-painted faces grinning.  The laughing entertainers seem to be mischievous, leading guests deeper into the labyrinth, where the line between reality and illusion blurred.

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